Candle Care

This section is where you'll find out more about how to get the most out of your vegan, eco-friendly candles and how to burn them safely. An abbreviated version of this information is on the safety label which comes with your candle.



 If you've ever burned your vegan candle and noticed there is a sinkhole or a 'cottage cheese' effect on the wax, don't worry! This can be the sign of the purity of a natural wax, such as the new rapeseed & coconut blend which is being used. It's fairly common after the first or second burn but doesn't always happen. You'll be glad to know it won't affect the safety, scent throw or burn of the happy candle burning! 

All Candles
  • Make sure your wick is trimmed to 1/4 inch (around 6mm) before lighting. An easy way to trim your wick is with nail clippers. This means your flame will be the correct height for optimum candle burning.

  • Do not burn your candles for more than 4 hours at a time. The reason for this is that carbon will begin to form around the end of the wick, causing the wick to 'mushroom' and for the wick to become unstable. This can lead to your flame becoming too large, your candle smoking and soot to be released into the air around the candle. The effect can happen in a shorter burn but it's recommended to trim it off the 'mushroom' after each burn.

  • Ideally, burn your candle for 3-4 hours at a time as this will help achieve a full melt pool and prevent tunneling, which reduces candle burning time.

  • Keep away from pets, children and draughts. Always burn candle within sight.

  • If the wick is smoking, it could be down to a draught, a long wick or too long a burn time on candle. Extinguish candle and rectify issue before relighting.

Tin Candles

  • It is ideal to wait for your candle to reach what's called a 'full melt pool' before extinguishing. This is when the entire top layer of your candle is molten wax. Sometimes this is achieved on the second burn rather than the first.

  • Do not handle tin when candle is lit as it may be hot and molten wax may move and extinguish flame (or burn your hands!).

  • Never burn to the very base of the candle tin. Leave at least 1/2 cm. Once wax has solidified, you can scoop out remaining wax and use as a wax melt.

Pillar Candles
  • Candles with a diameter of over 5cm / 2 inches should be burned on a spiked holder or flat dish. Allow wax to solidify before relighting.

  • Always burn upright and secure in or on a heat resistant container – hot wax may drip.

  • If you find a slit has formed where wax is seeping out, this will burn through your candle faster. It looks great and rather spooky, but if you'd rather have the candle for longer, extinguish the candle and use the soft molten wax to cover slit. Wait until the wax has solidified before burning again. As soy and coconut wax burn at a lower temperature than regular paraffin wax, it should be okay to handle. However, if you have extra sensitive skin, wait a few moments for wax to cool.

  •  Ensure candles are positioned securely in an upright position.

  • Extinguish candle before flame reaches within 2cm /1 inch of the holder.