Here you will find the answers to your burning questions about our vegan candles! And if you can't find the answer, feel free to contact us!

Frequently asked questions

What makes your candles vegan?

There are no animal derivatives in our products (for instance, there is no musk which comes from the gland of a deer or no honey which comes from bees) and none of the ingredients used in our candles are tested on animals. Ever.

Why is soy or rapseed & coconut wax better than regular candle wax?

Regular candle wax is paraffin wax. This comes from an unsustainable source (crude oil) and can cause oil spills which is damaging to the marine eco-system. Rapeseed & coconut wax candles are the most eco-friendly option so we are slowly phasing out the soy wax.

How can I smell your candle scents without committing to buying a candle each time?

I am currently looking into develping a sample box. In this, I will put a variety of different scented wax melts. Watch this space!

How long do the candles burn for?

If they are burned correctly, the candles will burn for around 35 hours. To burn a candle correctly, have the candle lit for between 3-4 hours to create a full melt pool. This means the entire top part of the candle is melted.The candle will continue to burn as wide as the melt pool is. Try not to burn candles for short bursts as this creates an effect called 'tunneling' which means the candle is burned inefficiently and won't last as long.