Frequently asked questions

What makes your candles vegan?

There are no animal derivatives in our products (for instance, there is no musk which comes from the gland of a deer or no honey which comes from bees) and none of the ingredients used in our candles are tested on animals. Ever.

Why is soy or rapeseed & coconut wax better than regular candle wax?

Regular candle wax is paraffin wax. This comes from an unsustainable source (crude oil) and can cause oil spills which is damaging to the marine eco-system.

Rapeseed & coconut wax candles are the most eco-friendly option I have found so far so I am slowly phasing out the soy wax.

How can I smell your candle scents without committing to buying a candle each time?

I am currently looking into developing a sample box. In this, I will put a variety of different scented wax melts. Watch this space!

Why don't you use essential oils in your candles?

Originally, the idea of having a fully natural range was most appealing. However, upon learning of how much impact using just essential oils has on the environment, it was decided that going for a mostly synthetic range was the way forward. This is because of how much more land, water and time it takes to manufacture just a tiny drop of essential oil over fragrance (where scientists can produce nature-identical oils without it costing the earth), not to mention the pesticides or herbicides used if the essential oils aren't organic. There is also a risk with pets as burning essential oils can be harmful for them, especially tea tree. That said, it feels right to offer a fully natural option too, so there will be one candle released with a lavender scent which is made from aromatherapy oils. Please always check which oils are safe to burn around pets. However, essential oils are used in the soap range as it was thought best to go natural with something that is cleaning the body.