The environment always comes first at Alibals. This is why every aspect of the business tries to reflect this as much as possible, from the wax used to the way the products are packaged. Read on to learn more.

The wax used

Originally, soy wax was used for all the candles. This is because regular candle wax (paraffin wax) derives from crude oil and the extraction of this liquid fossil fuel can be incredibly damaging to the environment. 

Soy is said to have a cleaner burn and it's much easier to tidy up if you have a spillage! It is also said soy wax is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic compared to regular paraffin wax but this is up for debate as it doesn't seem to be scientifically proven yet.

However, soy is over-farmed at the moment and around 90% of soy beans grown are used with a damaging and potentially cancer-causing weed killer named Roundup, which contains Glyphosate. As to not contribute to this industry, an alternative wax had to be found, which is where the rapeseed & coconut blend comes into play. This wax is blended in Europe (a lot of soy wax is manufactured in America meaning a bigger carbon footprint to transport it here) and consists of only rapeseed and coconut and nothing else. This makes it completely free of paraffin, soy, beeswax, palm and synthetic additives.

The natural qualities of this wax mean that sometimes the surface can appear 'frosted' or a bit lumpy. This does not affect the scent throw of the candle or the performance of the flame,  but it does mean you have opted for a more eco-friendly candle.

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zero waste, plastic & packaging

From time to time, there will be excess wax which can't be used for our candles anymore. This could be because a batch of wax was accidentally burned or perhaps it's just a wax which has been tried and tested in the past which just didn't work out. Instead of throwing the wax out, wax skull & cat ornaments are created. This means that sometimes the skulls will be scented or coloured because of all the different bits of wax used.

Because it's important to reduce, reuse and recycle, second-hand packaging and cardboard boxes will quite often be used to send off the products. Please do reuse any second-hand plastic packaging in your own parcels or, if you don't have anything to send off, make eco-bricks! Find out more about what they are and how to make them here.

If you find that there is plastic in any of it, please note that this has just been reused from a previous parcel. Plastic wrapping will never be purchased - even the sticky tape is made from recycled paper! 

A fantastic website to check out with info on how to live as plastic free as possible is

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Why use fragrance over essential oils for candles?

Originally, the idea of having a fully natural range was most appealing. However, upon learning of how much impact using just essential oils has on the environment, it was decided that going for a mostly synthetic range was the way forward. This is because of how much more land, water and time it takes to manufacture just a tiny drop of essential oil over fragrance (where scientists can produce nature-identical oils without it costing the earth), not to mention the pesticides or herbicides used if the essential oils aren't organic.

There is also a risk with pets as burning essential oils can be harmful for them, especially tea tree. 

That said, it feels right to offer a fully natural option too, so there will be one candle released with a lavender scent which is made from aromatherapy oils. Please always check which oils are safe to burn around pets.

However, essential oils are used in the soap range as it was thought best to go natural with something that is cleaning the body.

Reusing your tin

Tins are welcomed back if you don't wish to reuse them. However, there are lots of way that you can! You can put tealights in them or drill holes in the bottom and use them as little plant pots. Why not get creative?

If that isn't your jam, then please either recycle it or return it :)

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