Deep, enticing and sensual, this candle has notes of orange blossom, pink pepper, jasmine, vanilla and cedarwood. This was previously known as Black Opium.


With every Orange Blossom & Cedarwood candle sold directly from me, £1 will be donated to Maryhill Integration Network. This is a Glasgow-based charity focused on bringing refugee, migrant and local communities together through, art, social, cultural and educational groups and projects. They also organise a number of community social events throughout the year to coincide with national events such as:


International Women’s Day

Refugee Week

Black History Month

16 Days of Action to Eliminate Violence Against Women


For more information, feel free to watch my interview with Pinar who works at the charity here or visit


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Orange Blossom & Cedarwood Tin Candle

  • It has an approximate burn time of 35 hours. Please make sure to burn the candle until there is a full melt pool before extinguishing, otherwise you'll get a tunneling effect....and nobody wants that! And neeeever leave your candle unattended. Safety first!

    ~190g Net

    Because this wax is a rapeseed and coconut blend, it means it is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm and beeswax.