Formally known as Lemon & Chestnut, this sweet smell is reminiscent of baking cakes.



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Cake (Lemon & Chestnut) Melts

  • Handmade, these soy melts will burn a strong scent for between 6-10 hours each. Every packet contains 6 unicorns and weighs around 90g. These come either in glassine bags or wrapped in cellophane, both of which are completely compostable and biodegradable.

    To Use: Place one melt into your wax burner to fill your room with a beautiful aroma. DO NOT ADD WATER. The melts can be remelted until no fragrance is left.

    These wax melts are made from soy wax. which is derived from the soy plant. Compared to regular paraffin wax, it is sustainable. However, we are currently in the process of moving over to rapeseed & coconut wax as it's more eco-friendly. To avoide waste, we are using up any remaining soy wax we have :)