Here's a gift box of some of the fruitiest, juiciest scents I sell. Everything is, of course, vegan & cruelty-free.


So what have we got?


1 x Plum & Rhubarb tin candle ( which can be swapped for 'Yer Some Wumman')

1 x Fruits of the Forest tin candle

1 x Glassine bag of Autumn Lantern wax melts (compostable bag)

1 x Paraben-free soap with a three butter base (mango, shea & cocoa) made with essential oils. The scent is Orange & Basil.


All items have recycled paper labels and are lying on a bed of sustainably sourced wood wool within a recycled cardboard box. The eco-friendly ribbon tied round the outside of the box is made from wood pulp.


Please note: the colour of tin candle will be rose gold.

Fruity Selection Gift Box

  • Each candle has an approximate burn time of 35 hours. Please make sure to burn the candle until there is a full melt pool before extinguishing, otherwise you'll get a tunneling effect....and nobody wants that! And neeeever leave your candle unattended. Safety first!

    ~190g Net

    The vegetable-based soap is paraben-free & sulfate-free which means it won't irritate or dry out your skin. It's made with three butters (mango, shea and cocoa) and essential oils.

    Each come individually wrapped in reused brown paper and recycled paper labels - environment first!

    The wax melts will burn a strong scent for between 6-10 hours each. Every bag contains 6 unicorns and weighs around 90g. These are glassine bags which are completely compostable and biodegradable.

    To Use: Place one melt into your wax burner to fill your room with a beautiful aroma. DO NOT ADD WATER. The melts can be remelted until no fragrance is left.