Here, we have our very first Cat Candle gift box! Yay!


So what have we got?

1 x soy wax cat candle (the wax is sustainable, vegan, biodegradable & made in the UK)

1 x paraben-free soap with a three butter base (mango, shea & cocoa) made with essential oils. The scent is Tea Tree & Lavender. If you'd like a different soap, please message me.


Each item is wrapped in recycled tissue paper & secured with a recycled paper label, lying on a bed of sustainably sourced wood wool within a recycled cardboard box. The eco-friendly ribbon tied round the outside of the box is made from wood pulp.


Purchasing this box also means I donate £1 to Ananda Animal Sanctuary for rescued farm animals. Find out more about this wonderful charity here.


These funky wee cats are unscented and burn the same colour all the way down 

They are roughly 75mm x 82mm. The lilac cats already come with green eyes. If you'd like orange or green eyes for the pink cat, let me know.


For candle care on how to prolong your candle life if a slit forms, feel free to watch this video here :)

Mystical Cat Candle & Soap Gift Box

  • Each of these beauties can burn up to 11.5 hours. If you find there's a slit formed where the wax pours out, this will burn through your candle faster. It looks great and rather spooky, but if you'd rather have the candle for longer, extinguish the candle and use the soft molten wax to cover slit. Wait until wax has solidified before burning again. 

    As soy wax burns at a lower temperature than regular paraffin wax, it should be okay to handle. However, if you have extra sensitive skin, wait a few moments for wax to cool.

    Always burn upright and secure in or on a heat resistant container – hot wax may drip. Candles with a diameter of over 5cm / 2 inches should be burned on a spiked holder or flat dish. Allow wax to solidify before relighting. Ensure candles are positioned securely in an upright position. Extinguish candle before flame reaches within 2cm /1 inch of the holder. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

    Happy burning!